Attendance Guarantors
The time has come to put an end to ALL Ghost workers in your organization.

Did I hear you say no ghost workers in your place ?. Don't be deceived, Ghost workers are
not only those who are on your payroll but not never seen, but also physical staff who steal
your time and as such your money.
Face it, a staff who gets full pay for 3/4 work is similar to a fully absent worker. Only the
values differ in both cases you are still losing money !.
Our ranges of Attendance Machine are
FULL-PROOF. Using Biometric technology, they
ensure that only the person who you certified is
truly the person who clocks in at the give

We call them Guarantors because you can be
rest assured that any generated reports from the
machine are accurate.
Our Attendance Guarantors are small efficient devices
that can work without electricity. They are stand-alone
systems that do not need a computer connection to
operate. Only during setting up and reports generation
is a PC needed
Our Attendance Guarantors uses are as numerous as
the sand in the sea. Anyway, some of the typical
situations their uses are unmatchable are:
Office workers clocking in and out
Shift workers changing shift
Laborers, daily paid staff
Security personnel for their routine beat around a
Hotel staff and guest
Seminars, workshops and exhibitions
Schools, lecture rooms
Factory workers
Airlines, banks, insurance companies
Each of us 6 Billion plus inhabitants of
the earth as a unique fingerprint. No two
people have the same fingerprint. In fact
none of our fingers have similar  
fingerprints. Fingerprint devices are
great as you can be sure of who the
person really is and no one can be a
substitute. The only limitation of
Fingerprint readers is that less that 1%
of the population either have  
unreadable fingerprints due to fire,
smoking or disease.
Your staff/clients/workers only need place their finger on the sensor for less than 1 second   before they
get an acknowledgement
with their names on screen. Nothing easier. No button to touch, no cards to
swipe across and no signing.  This of course is after an initial enrolment onto the system.
Please fill in your contacts online if you would like a demo or more information of our Attendance Management system.