Special Package
In stock in Lagos !!!
Equipment is Shiron iRG15 + 2w RF + 1.8m Dish
An initial three Months bandwidth payment in Naira or Dollars
Equipment pick up in Lagos. Can ship anywhere in Nigeria
C-Band with Dedicated bandwidth; Bustable bandwidth and Shared bandwidth

How much bandwidth do you really need ?
Often times Users buy over capacity in their bandwidth usage. As such they
overpay for what they really need. It is best to scale your requirements to
what you need today and save cost. Increasing bandwidth consumption is a
day event so you need not pay more. Use the Gilat calculator to scale your
bandwidth for Data and VOIP usage at this link
Gilat range of C-Band VSAT equipment
with the unbeatable Shiron Modems.

Range from 1.8Meter to 3.4Meters
Antenna (Dish)
Equipment power rating from 2 Watt to 8